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The Founders of the Restorative Justice Center in Quebec City

B_Tessier.jpgFrom the Catholic Diocese of Quebec, Father Benoît Tessier is currently chaplain in a provincial prison.
He first earned a degree as a wildlife technician and worked in the field of wildlife management before completing a Bachelors degree in theology.
Holder of a certificate for teaching in secondary school, he obtained a teaching permit which allowed him to take up a teaching position in a High school.
After completing a Masters in theology, he was successively a vicar and a parish priest in Lévis, in Charlevoix and with the Huron-Wendat First Nation Community on the Wendake reserve. Sensible to social issues, he has been active in advocating for the rights of the unemployed.
He has been interested in the implementation of restorative justice services in Quebec for five years which led him to be one of the three founding members of the Restorative Justice Center of Quebec.

Henri Tremblay
is a certified mediator (IMAQ) working in the areas of mediation, evaluation of group needs, consulting, training, substance abuse and community development. He delivers training on mediation, communication, diversity and conflict resolution.
He facilitates sessions of conflict resolution and post-conflict recovery activities.
Henri was received Senior Associate of the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution in 1997.
He is one of the three co-founders of the Restorative Justice Center of Quebec and a member of the committee for implementing restorative justice in Quebec.

Lucie_Painchaud_w.jpgLucie R. Painchaud holds a Masters in philosophy and in Theology.
She wrote a thesis on “The Concept of consciousness in Henri Bergson’s philosophy” and a dissertation entitled “The Ethical and Social Aspects of Restorative Justice and Criminal Mediation”.
She was a philosophy teacher in College and a business language teacher.
She’s been acting on many committees of the Diocese of Quebec.
She was also a public servant for the government of Canada in Ottawa and for the provincial government where she ended up working in a detention center.
She discovered restorative justice during a symposium with the Chaplains of Correctional Services of Canada in 2001. Restorative justice has since become her purpose in life and led her to be co-founder of the RJC-Qc where, in a spirit of truth and reconciliation, she carries the title of director and coordinator.


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Last update: February 26,  2018